Funding received 2019

Batterbury SPJ, D. Mateo-Babiano. 2019-20. Comparative evaluation of community bicycle workshops in Australia, France and UK: supporting  low carbon urban transport,  individual wellbeing, community economies, and cycling cultures. Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) Future Cities Seed Funding. AU$9,600.

This project aims to explore and compare the contribution of community bike workshops [CBWs , ‘bike kitchens’ or ateliers vélos,] in Europe and Australia to creating a cycling culture, and better wellbeing and transport outcomes in different city-regions. We will use the 3Is (i.e. ideas, interests and institutions) as a comparative evaluation framework to appraise urban community bike workshops as nodes of low carbon urban transport, as contributors to individual wellbeing, better and vibrant community economies, and shapers of cycling cultures.

  1. How do selected bike workshops create demand for urban cycling? How are they challenging mainstream mobilities through active  urban transportation ?
  2. What are the major motivations and governance arrangements of these community  workshops?  With what political and other alliances?
  3. Test the counterfactual:  are they simply offering a service to the poor and to bike enthusiasts, permitting them to save money and build/maintain a ride?
  4. Are workshops ‘prefiguring’ the low carbon future? As many workshops transition into having salaried employees and more secure premises, are there lessons for urban practice, community economies research, and transition theory?


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