Currently visiting workshops in Europe

Simon was on the road in Feb 2020, visiting workshops, with some kind funding from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. Working to putting together a comprehensive study of best practices and aims of bike workshops by 2021. Accompanied by Mildred Locke and Matthias Kowasch.

  • Bike Kitchen Lund, Sweden   Kitchen was closed when I was in town, have contacted for interview
  • Le Chat Perché, Lyon France 11 Feb 2020. Welding, tallbikes, but no actual cat.
  • Change de Chaine, Vaise, Lyon France 12 Feb 2020   [prix libre – no fixed prices for membership or parts. over 800 members. ]
  • Le Cyclub, Villeurbanne, Lyon France 13 Feb 2020. 650 members. One is a cat.


    Le Cyclub, Villeurbanne

  • Unis Bike, Villeurbanne, Lyon 13 Feb 2020 [training social enterprise to re-enter employment, s/h bike sales, has NGO support-Unis is right across the road. We went to the open day, it was opened in 2020]
  • Etablicyclette Lyon, 13 Feb 2020. Met Guillaume, who also told us about the rise and eventual closure of Le Recycleur where he used to work, which was pretty much the oldest workshop in France and which lost a battle to keep its premises (1994-2017). He duns this hybrid enterprise that also does commercial fixing.
  • uN p’Tit véLo dAnS La Tête Grenoble  [one of the very oldest, and biggest] 16 Feb  Merci Yannick. Membership has dropped at this well known and established workshop,  mostly because the city has introduced over 8,000 city bikes in recent years, available on long term lease to individuals. The first time we heard of ateliers affected by good bike policies (they had to let go their paid staff).
  • Heureux Cyclage , Grenoble 15 Feb  [national association for workshops that have bike self-repair/autoreparation]. Merci  Celine & Mattieu
  • Café Vélo Grenoble. OK so really were were there for lunch, but we did ask some questions. Nice cafe linked to a small workshop that fixes people’s bikes and sells,  but does not do autoreparation sessions [too small].
    heureux cyclage
    Heureux Cyclage office, Grenoble
  • L’atelier solidaire, Grenoble 15 Feb.   This one is under reorganisation and has bikes as one method for social development in the quartier.  We received a great welcome. They have a dog not a cat.
  • Vieux Biclou Montpellier, 18 Feb.  Montpellier has some strong bike politics, but little action from the mayor in recent years on infrastructure. People are annoyed. Lobbying by this two-workshop association and other organisations is helping.
  • À Bicyclette Tulle, 19 Feb. Laurent is the founder and only employee, and has large storage area and a small workshop in a poor part of town. Tulle has one cycle lane. Merci Laurent
  • Vélorution Périgourdine, Périgueux 21 Feb. Relatively young workshop and activist group in a non-university, relatively compact town that could have far more cycle facilities around its cute pedestrian zone. Amazingly, the association operated from a free, three storey house donated by the city council. Merci Bertrand et al.
  • Récup’R, Bordeaux. 22 feb.  One of the established workshops. Has a sewin

    Récup’R, Bordeaux

    g/recycling arm on first floor. Building destined for demolition along with the whole quartier to createEuratlantique and its regeneration agenda.   Some of the fanzine  Chasse goupille comes from here.




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  1. Ruth

    If you are in Belgium, I’m interested in De Kringwinkel which has a bike workshop amongst a wider range of second hand repair and retail centres across Belgium. Seems to be an example of a scaled up social enterprise around reuse in a circular economy.


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