Presentation in a session on urban political ecology 2020

Batterbury SPJ. [and with work from a community of scholars]. 2020. Overcoming urban automobility in community bike workshops: a political ecology approach.

improvised version and questions here (20 mins)

longer, less concise version, better quality here (30 mins)

talk at:

The Political Ecology of Urban Mobilities   POLLEN [Political Ecology Network] Biennial Conference 2020, 22-25 September 2020

CHAIRED BY Dr. Yvonne Kunz

Urban political ecology (UPE) supports understanding “the ways in which political, economic, and ecological processes work together to shape and transform cities and the lives of the people who live in them” (Heynen 2017). Current discussion on climate change, on mitigation and adaptation strategies have brought urban mobilities to the forefront. Urban transport is a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and hence a point of intervention to policy makers to foster transitions. Often, these interventions for transitions cause unevenly distributed burden for different groups of urban inhabitants. Failures of making urban mobilities more sustainable might call for new ways of framing doing travel in urban contexts and for critically analyzing the allegedly political solutions around this topic. We are seeking papers providing a mix of papers introducing ways of critically engaging with urban mobilities from a Urban Political ecology perspective.

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