This is a site devoted to research on how community bike workshops were formed, how they operate, and what they contribute to community economies. There are some reports and news articles listed here about bike workshops, but it is almost a new area for investigation.

Our own research is ongoing in several countries, but is largely unfunded. We would like to rectify this; currently only Simon has a small fellowship to work in Europe.


Dr. Simon Batterbury, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia. From 2017, Lancaster University, UK. In 2015, Visiting research fellow, Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, VUB Brussels, Belgium studying workshops in Belgium, Germany and hopefully France.

Dr. Ruth Lane, senior lecturer, Monash University, Australia

Bernardita Del Real Hobon, Masters Student, Urban Planning, University of Melbourne. Fieldwork completed on bicycle workshop participants and volunteers, Strasbourg and Paris, 2015. Helped establish a workshop at the University of Melbourne.  bernarditadelreal”at”gmail.com

Inès Vandermeersch, community workshop organiser, Brussels and former student at Haute École de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg. CYCLOPERATIVA “at” GMAIL.COM

Dr. Matthias Kowasch,   lecturer, Geography, University of Graz, Austria. (handling Germany, Austria) matthiaskowasch”at”gmail.com

Image: http://velorution.org/_src/+/bandeau-vlr-2.jpgsource https://i1.wp.com/velorution.org/_src/+/bandeau-vlr-2.jpg


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